Making your first clinic appointment

As an Orthopaedic specialist clinic, to get an appointment, please ask your primary healthcare provider (General Practitioner, physiotherapist or other doctor) to refer you specifically to Mr Francis Ting at our office.  This is to ensure ACC or your private insurance will fund your clinic visit, any investigation and subsequent surgery if required.

Please call our office on (06) 758 0297, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm for an appointment.

what to bring to your first clinic visit

Please bring the following with you to your clinic appointment:-

  • Any letters or reports from your healthcare provider, including progress reports from your physiotherapist

  • Any X-rays/other imaging/investigations you have had (these are often available online if completed within New Plymouth) and reports if available

  • A list of your medical problems and all your current medications including herbal and natural remedies

  • Your insurance details, Southern Cross membership number or ACC documentation if you have had an injury

  • You are also more than welcome to bring a friend, partner or family into your consultation with Mr Ting.

What to expect

Mr Ting will ask you questions about your orthopaedic condition and examine any areas of injury/discomfort, he may ask you to move joints or areas that cause pain to help with the assessment.  He will then review any imaging/investigations you have already had and may order further imaging (such as specific X-rays, CT or MRI scans), after which he will review all the findings to provide you with a diagnosis and discuss your treatment options.

treatment discussion

Mr Ting will discuss with you what the best treatment option for your injury/condition is and this may include non-surgical and/or surgical options.  He will discuss with you the potential benefits and complications of all options and together, you will decide on the most appropriate treatment.  Please feel free to ask questions to ensure you fully understand your condition and the treatment plan to help with your recovery.


rescheduling or cancelling your appointment

Please contact our office at Peak Orthopaedics at least 1 working day before your appointment on (06) 758 0297.  Office hours are Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.