Mr Francis Ting operates at Southern Cross Hospital and Taranaki Base Hospital. He has trained in Canada’s world renowned Hand and Upper Limb Clinic. Hand & Wrist procedures that he performs include but are not limited to the following:-

Wrist & Hand surgery

  • Carpal tunnel release: open / endoscopic (keyhole)

  • Ulnar nerve decompression

  • Trigger finger release

  • Dupuytren's contracture: Collagenase / percutaneous needle aponeurotomy / surgery

  • De Quervain's tenosynovitis

  • Ganglions / cyst excision

  • Base of thumb / 1st CMC joint arthritis: trapeziectomy, ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition arthroplasty / fusion

  • Wrist arthritis: arthroplasty / partial fusion / total fusion

  • Finger arthritis (DIPJ, PIPJ, MCPJ): arthroplasty / fusion

  • Wrist arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)

  • TFCC debridement / repair: arthroscopic / open

  • Scapholunate ligament repair / reconstruction

  • Scaphoid non union surgery

  • Tendon transfers